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Presbyopia also known as farsightedness is a condition in which your eyes are unable to read all the information that is present right in front of your vision field. Objects and information closer to you is tough to capture with this condition and hence appropriate interventions are necessary to help counter the altered eyesight. You can detect any early signs that your eyes are displaying that indicates farsightedness by reading the following detailed list of information to stop your eyes from further deteriorating over time.   

Evident Indicators

There are several symptoms that will help indicate that your eyes have experienced a shift in the extent of the field of vision. The first of all would be the tendency to increase the distance between an object or text and your eyes to read or observe it better. Along with this, any text kept within the normal range distance can otherwise appear blurry and unclear to your eyes causing contact eye strains and headaches. 

A need for brighter lighting than usual can also prove to be a useful indicator. If you experience double vision or even loss of vision with or without pain, consulting an eye specialist is a necessity. All these symptoms can help diagnose presbyopia with the means of an eye exam that will estimate your range of vision. Any additional examination methods as deemed necessary by your eye specialist will also be used to detect any other eye condition in a perfect manner. 

Understanding The Condition

Presbyopia is a common condition that occurs in adults as they age due to the eye lens losing its ability to focus on items. The otherwise wider range of vision is reduced with age as the lens does not conform well to constant changes and becomes rigid in their function leading to a partial loss insight. It can be triggered by debatable factors such as constant blue light exposure, reduced expansion, and contraction of the lens due to the limited use of extreme distances of eyesight amongst many others. 

Treating The Condition 

Once you have been diagnosed with presbyopia, the required measures must be taken to avoid further deterioration of your vision. The most common treatment option involves wearing optical lenses that are bifocal or multifocal or contact lenses that are crafted to meet the power of your eyes. These are temporary fixes that can help combat the change on a daily basis in comparison to a laser surgery that yields permanent results. Depending on the combination of eye conditions that exist or lack thereof, a Lasik surgery can correct your eye lens to resume performing its function as usual. 

Any other age-related problem or medication that can further affect the condition of your eyes also needs to be addressed to avoid complications in the future. Most often, presbyopia is also caused alongside other eye conditions that can alter the treatment plan, and hence a comprehensive examination is a must. Regular eye exams will also be necessary as your vision can change frequently given your pre-existing medical conditions and therefore an update in the corrective measure will accordingly be required. 

To gain a complete eye examination that evaluated your eye health thoroughly, book a consultation with an ophthalmologist. Our team of experts at the Spanish Eye Clinic can provide optimal services to help you preserve your vision and keep your eyes healthy for many years to come.

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