How You Can Get Optimal Relief From Eye Allergies

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Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are a common occurrence amongst individuals who have highly reactive immune systems. Agents such as pollen, mold, dust and even cosmetic products or eye drops can create an adverse reaction in the body whereby the eyes get irritated and suffer from a variety of symptoms. These include watering of the eyes, redness, urge to itch and rub them constantly along with clear or white discharge. To reduce the adversity of these allergies, certain measures can be adopted to gain optimal relief. 

Identify Triggers 

The potential triggers that start the cascade of allergy reactions with one individual differ from person to person given the diversity of immune systems that exist across the population. Hence it is essential to identify these potential allergens that cause eye allergies both in your indoor as well as outdoor environment to take extra care in avoiding the agents. Within your home or office, it is advised to change the air conditioning filters so that the same air containing dust and mites is not recirculated in the same space. 

Using window fans is not recommended given that the same air is circulated and the chances of the allergens affecting your eyes could increase in frequency. If any particular indicator has come to your notice, avoiding if not eliminating the factor is a good choice. As for the time spent outdoors, avoiding areas with a lot of flowers and plants must be avoided as pollen can act as a trigger. It is also better to schedule your movement at other times besides early morning and early evening as these periods experience a greater release of pollen. 

Filter And Clean

Changing your filters at home as well as those present in your car on a regular basis is a sound idea for to reduce your eye allergies from flaring up. As mold is another trigger that can cause further inflammation, it is best to keep the house neat and clean regularly and remove any sources of mold. Potential spots must be managed with extra precaution to eliminate growth from taking place. 

Any upholstery and carpets that store a lot of dust and mites can also be avoided. Mattresses and other common seating furniture must be regularly sanitized as they can be breeding spots for eye allergy triggers. Regular ventilation and sunlight can help combat such growth along with vacuuming and sterilization. 

Take Medication

As per your eye doctor’s advice, you can take a prescription for allergy pills that will reduce the inflammation process of the body and help control the immune systems from being overactive. They can reduce symptoms as well as provide relief for eye allergies. Allergy shots can also be taken as an intravenous treatment option through the means of which you will increase your tolerance to the allergens. 

As each shot contains dormant allergens, your body trains to override the instinctual response and react more constructively to the allergies in the future. Eye drops are also a famous alternative used to relieve stress and pain that your eyes experience. They can alleviate dry eye and itching symptoms while decongesting blocked ducts and vessels efficiently. 

To ensure you gain optimal relief for your eye allergies and its symptoms, taking the medical advice of an ophthalmologist can be greatly helpful for your case. To book an appointment with our professionally staffed team, get in touch with us at Spanish Eye Clinic, and start your treatment today. 

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