Presbyopia is the loss of near focusing ability which occurs with age. Presbyopia is normally experienced by people over 40 years. During this disease you have trouble with seeing small things, for example: small print like messages. Unfortunately, Presbyopia can’t be avoided. Everyone, even those who have never had any vision problem or are nearsighted, notice changes in their vision. Even though presbyopia is a normal change, it can be an emotional event for some people as this disease is associated with aging and it’s hard to ignore or hide that fact.

Symptoms of presbyopia are easy to identify. If you experience blurry vision and find it more comfortable to look, read the small things from a distance, if you experience headaches and eye strains and you are over 40, it’s highly possible you are becoming presbyopic. Presbyopia is not caused by genetics like astigmatism, nearsightedness or other eye conditions. It is caused by a gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens. These changes occur in proteins inside a lens and make it less and less elastic. Loss of elasticity makes it harder to focus.

There are different solutions to this problem. The most popular way to treat presbyopia is using eyeglasses with progressive lenses. They restore clear vision at all distances. For those who don’t want to wear eyeglasses there is an option of bifocal lenses. Although, they offer a more limited range of vision and are less popular. There are different surgeries available to treat presbyopia: radio waves, Presby Lasik, Lasik and etc. Visit Spanish Eye Clinic to find out which surgery is the best option for you. Our team of professionals will help you to choose the right surgery, depending on your eye condition. This eye clinic in Dubai offers high quality services, safe environment and highly skilled doctors. If you want to be free from Presbyopia and other eye conditions Spanish Eye Clinic is ready to help.




  • I accompanied my grandmother at Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai to get eyeglasses with progressive lenses. I’ve never seen her smile so happy when she finally could see better now. Thank you so much!

    Kathleen G.
  • I had presbyopia, and many surgeons after consultations would offer a multifocal lens to also fix my near vision, saying that laser eye surgery cannot correct both distance and near vision. However, I’m glad Spanish Eye Clinic went through all available options. Now I can see better even at old age.

    Darla H.
  • I used to have 20/20 vision. Now, at old age, I’ve lost my focus to even look in one direction. Not until I’ve had treatment for presbyopia from Spanish Eye Clinic. Many thanks to them for their effective methods!

    Jim L.


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