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Your eyes are the most sensitive organs in your body that are susceptible to changes that occur within and outside the body. Summer is a season that brings a lot of heat and radiation to the eyes and can affect their overall health and function upon constant unprotected exposure to the sun. There are certain measures that can be adopted in advance to ensure that your eyes are summer-ready, all of which are mentioned below for your benefit. 

Beware Of Sunburns

Just as your skin can experience sunburn upon being exposed to the sun’s rays for a long period of time, even your eyes can get severely affected. The sunburn of the eye is characterized by redness, pain, blurriness, and itchy eyes that are affected by the constant UV rays exposure. The radiation is not limited to the direct sight of the sun but also applies to reflective surfaces from which the rays enter the eyes and cause damage. A painful condition called photokeratitis can also be diagnosed when the cornea of the eye gets affected by such UV rays and other man-made reflectors and radiators. 

Protect Your Eyes

As you are bound to be exposed to a lot of light and radiation from all corners of your surroundings, it is better to adopt preventive measures to avoid damage in the future. The first of which can be the purchase of polaroid sunglasses that help protect your eyes from all types of reflections. Furthermore, you can also invest in good scarves and hats that will help further reduce the chances of exposure. 

Combat Dry Heat

With summers come dry and hot weathers that are not particularly suitable for the wellbeing of your eyes. A dry climate can lead the eyes to also becoming dry in turn and make them more irritated, red, and inflamed. 

By purchasing a good pair of wraparound glasses, you can minimize the amount of exposure to the dry environment as well as prevent the heat from directly affecting your eyes. With the use of a prescription from an ophthalmologist, you can also purchase eye drops that can keep your dry eyes refreshed and moist at all times of the day.  

Stay Cautious

It is also advisable by ophthalmology doctors to stay cautious at all times by wearing the appropriate eyewear necessary to protect your eyes while working in potentially dangerous situations. This applies to do carpentry and such similar styles of work where your eyes can be exposed to agents that can injure the eye and cause potential tears. 

Wearing the recommended safety gear must always be a priority for you as you work such jobs. Even as you go for a refreshing swim in the community pools and seas, protect your eyes from being exposed to chemicals that are dissolved into the water. Wearing your swimming goggles can avoid your eyes from becoming red, irritated, itchy as well as blurry.

Adopt Healthy Lifestyles 

For any time of the year and be it any season, it is always essential to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin A can help your eyes stay healthy for a long time. Avoiding heavy consumption of alcohol as well as smoking can help your body remain healthy holistically which will definitely benefit your eyes too.

To learn more about the condition of your eyes, book an eye examination today with our professional eye specialist at the Spanish Eye Clinic and preserve the health of your eyes today.

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