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Lasik Treatment

Many individuals that are in need of a Lasik treatment or surgery are oftentimes afraid to go ahead with it. This is majorly due to the myths and misconceptions that are associated with laser treatment. This treatment truly offers you a corrected sight that can enhance your vision and remove the need to wear glasses almost all the time. This following list of myths will help you recognize and understand what a Lasik treatment can truly offer you.

  • Astigmatism Cannot Be Treated

Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea of your eyes become misshapen and make your vision blurry. Individuals who suffer from this, often believe that their eyes will remain untreated and therefore Lasik cannot offer a permanent solution. This remains untrue as Lasik can correct this condition better than prescription glasses or contact lenses and provide better vision and comfort in the long run.

  • The Lasik Flap Will Be Prominent

To correct the lens of your eyes in order to better the vision that they offer, your eye doctor will often create a small cut in your cornea. The laser beams will then enter your lens through this flap. A common misconception is that the flap never heals and can lead to a complete fallout of the cornea. This is an absolute myth as the flap is a part of living tissue and hence can easily heal and bind within a minimal amount of time.

  • It Is A Painful Procedure

Many people still believe that the Lasik procedure is very painful and can cause more issues than benefits in the long run. This is a false statement because anesthetic eye drops are used by your ophthalmologist during the treatment. This numbs your eye and prevents any pain sensations to be felt during the procedure. The single possibility of pressure in and around the eye that can be felt only lasts less than a minute, if it even does occur. 

  • Lasik Causes Blindness

One of the ultimate myths is that a Lasik procedure will lead your vision to deteriorate adversely that will ultimately lead to a complete loss of vision. Blindness caused by a Lasik treatment is only possible if you have any genetic disorder that makes it more likely for your vision and sight to be impacted. 

On such an occasion, your eye doctor will advise you against the procedure if the risk is too high. Otherwise, for individuals that do not suffer from any predispositions of this manner, they can enjoy a perfect 20/20 vision for a long time without any complications. 

  • Your Reading Vision Will Be Impaired 

Your reading vision condition can be easily treated with a Lasik procedure that will enhance your eyesight. This is true unlike the myth that states that people are more likely to permanently damage their eyes and can no longer wear glasses either to correct it. 

It is also believed that your eyes will perform in a worse way than before, leading to an increase in power for your reading glasses. Both of these factors remain false, as a Lasik treatment addresses almost all aspects of a reading vision and allows for the possibility to eliminate wearing glasses altogether. 

By breaking through these myths and informing yourself better about the Lasik procedure and the benefits it can truly offer, you can now reap the advantages of the treatment. Book an appointment with an ophthalmologist at Spanish Eye Clinic to further discuss your condition and learn if this treatment is indeed the best fit for your eyes. 

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