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Your eyes help you see the world around you and perceive all the colors and textures that are present in and around nature. To maintain their health better and help them perform their functions for a long time, it is important to take the necessary steps and actions to keep them in their optimum condition. The following list of tips will help you maintain good eyesight for many years to come.

  • Regular Eye Examinations

To stay informed about how well your eyes are doing internally, it is necessary to have an eye exam conducted at least once a year. This will help you know more about the pressure within your eyes, how optimal your pupil dilation is and how far you can see on a day-to-day basis. This will allow you to take necessary interventions and treatments if you have been diagnosed with any disease or disorder and purchase prescriptions accordingly. You can also help prevent the early onset of any family related problems with the help of regular eye checkups.

  • Minimal Screen Exposure

We are exposed to blue light at an alarming rate in today’s world as all devices such as our laptops, tablets, mobile phones and televisions emit this light. This blue light can affect our eyes adversely and cause us to develop short-sightedness or a computer vision syndrome that needs corrections and treatment. 

Therefore to keep your eyes in a better condition as well as keep up with your work and lifestyle, it is recommended to take sufficient breaks when working or studying with such electronic devices. This will reduce strain in your eyes and delay the possibility of any near or far vision being developed. 

  • Nourishing Your Eyes

It is essential to eat the right kind of food and maintain healthy habits to keep up the optimal performance of your eyes. To do so, consume foods that are rich in Vitamin A and hydrate your body well with water. Keep alcohol to a minimum and eliminate smoking from your lifestyle. You can also exercise your body and prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and the like from developing as these can affect your eyes indirectly and cause them harm. 

  • Wearing Eye Protection

When exposing yourself to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, it is advised to wear sunglasses and protect your eyes from harmful radiations. This will help filter out a lot of light exposure and give you the necessary amount of light needed to see the objects and scenery around you. 

Purchasing prescription glasses is also necessary to maintain the optimal condition of your eyes. If you have been diagnosed with any eye condition by your eye specialist, following their lead is vital for keeping your eyes healthy and improving your eyesight further. 

  • Maintaining Hygiene 

It is absolutely important to maintain good hygiene in and around your eyes and this can be done by washing it often. Do not touch your eyes or face without washing your hands. Furthermore, wash your face often if you are prone to infections and bacterial growth on the skin. 

If you do apply makeup, it is recommended to wash your brushes and applicators often and remove the makeup thoroughly at the end of the day. Any residue can provide for an environment where infections can grow and cause complications for your eyes.  

By following all of the tips mentioned above, you can make your eyes stay healthy for a long time. These points will not only impact the health of your eyes externally but also internally. To receive further consultation and be better prepared for any eye conditions that you are likely to have, visit an ophthalmologist at the Spanish Eye Clinic today for further consultation. 

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