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A cataract is the blurring of the natural lens in the eye which helps us focus and clearly see the things around us. Cataract is a common eye ailment which many people in the world suffers from. It typically requires surgery for treatment, and if not properly treated, can result in blindness. Cataract surgeries are safe and can be done by visiting an eye clinic in Dubai.


One of the most widely recognised symptoms of cataract is a foggy vision, however, in any case, it isn’t generally an outrageous situation of blurred vision. It can be difficult for you to clearly see even when using prescription glasses.


Another symptom would be the increased brightness of light passing through your eye. You may feel the intensity of the light or of the sun to a great degree that it blocks out your vision. This would place you in an uncomfortable circumstance. You may find yourself in a situation that when you are driving at night, the lights of the vehicles coming towards you are brighter, or the colours may not be as vivid as they used to be. The sort of symptom you experience may likewise vary depending upon the type of cataract you have.


After consulting with an eye doctor in Dubai and you have been diagnosed with cataract, you’ll have to undergo a cataract surgical procedure. Make an appointment with an eye surgeon at your convenience.


We have a group of experienced and qualified eye experts who will be performing the surgery. They have been in the industry for an extensive period of time and are capable of ensuring your condition is best-taken care of. We aim to make your safety our priority and there is nothing for you to worry about. As a leading eye clinic in Dubai, we have turned out to be fruitful in correcting the vision of many people throughout the years we have been in the business.


If you have any doubts about the cataract surgery, such as if it would be a painful process, then no worries as cataract treatment is a surgical procedure you can go through without any discomfort or pain. Compared to other types of surgeries, the cataract surgery is painless and extremely safe.


Just like many other surgeries, you will remain as awake during the entire process, however, important steps will be taken to ensure that you only feel minimised pain. When people hear that they will be awake during surgery, they are usually reluctant to proceed with it. However, you should not feel this way about the cataract surgery, because it does not involve any complications and the procedure is minimally invasive.


As you prepare for the surgery, the eye surgeon will give you medication to make sure you feel relaxed and well-prepared for the procedure. Additionally, eye drops will be recommended to you to prevent any discomfort during the surgery. The eye surgeon will be communicating with you throughout the entire process and will always make sure you that you are comfortable.


If you do feel any pain, the eye experts at Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai will immediately take steps to make sure you are well-settled, and the problem is properly dealt with.


Visit our eye clinic in Dubai today and make your appointment for your cataract surgery!

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