4 Effective Laser Surgery Treatments for Glaucoma

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Laser surgeries have turned out to be essential in the treatment of various eye issues and ailments. There are a few sorts of laser surgical procedure used to treat glaucoma.


The sort of laser surgery treatment will rely upon the type of glaucoma and how severe it is. Lasers create a focused light emission that can make a small burn or opening in your eye tissue, contingent upon the quality of the light beam. Laser surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting in your eye specialist’s office or in an eye clinic in Dubai.


During the laser treatment surgery, the eye is desensitized so that there is little to no pain. The eye surgeon at that point holds an exceptional focal point to the eye. The laser beam is directed into the eye, and there is a bright light, similar to a camera flash.


Below are the most common laser surgeries to glaucoma treatment in Dubai:


  1. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)


For the treatment of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG).


SLT utilizes a laser that works at low dimensions. It treats specific cells “selectively,” leaving untreated segments of the trabecular meshwork intact. Consequently, SLT may be repeated safely. SLT is the ideal option for those who have been treated unsuccessfully with ALT or pressure-lowering drops.


  1. Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT)


For the treatment of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG).


The laser beam opens the fluid channels of the eye, helping the drainage framework to function better. As a rule, medicine will be required.


Normally, a large portion of the fluid channels is dealt with first. If important, the other fluid channels can be treated in a different session some other time. This technique prevents over-correction and minimises the risks of increased pressure after the surgery.

Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty has effectively reduced eye pressure in up to 75% of patients treated.


  1. Laser Peripheral Iridotomy (LPI)


For the treatment of narrow angles and narrow-angle glaucoma.


Narrow-angle glaucoma (also known as angle-closure glaucoma) occurs when the angle between the iris and the cornea in the eye is too small. This results in the iris blocking fluid drainage, which then can increase inner eye pressure. LPI creates a small opening in the iris, allowing it to fall back from the fluid channel which helps the fluid drain.


  1. Laser Cyclophotocoagulation


An option in contrast to filtering microsurgery that is normally utilized later in the treatment calculation. A few unique types of lasers can be used to hamper the ciliary body’s capacity to make liquid and, subsequently, reduce the eye pressure. The procedure may be repeated to permanently control glaucoma.


Pain or Discomfort from Glaucoma Laser Surgery


There is a slight stinging sensation related with LPI and ALT. In YAG CP laser surgery, a local anaesthetic is utilized to numb the eye. Once the eye has been desensitized, there should be little to no pain or discomfort.


Long-term Benefits of Glaucoma Laser Surgery


Glaucoma laser surgeries help to reduce the Intraocular Weight (IOP) in the eye. The timeframe the IOP remains low relies upon the kind of laser procedure, the type of glaucoma, patient’s age, race, and other different factors. Some may require having the surgery repeated to control the pressure IOP.


Medication Following Laser Surgery


In most cases, medications are still necessary to manage and maintain eye pressure. Nonetheless, surgery may decrease the amount of medication required.


Recovery Time


Most patients can continue normal daily routine the following day after laser medical procedure.

The procedure is generally done in an eye clinic in Dubai. Prior to the procedure, your eye will be desensitized with medicine. It is important to discuss all your questions or concerns about laser surgery for glaucoma treatment with your eye doctor.

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