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One of the most common misconceptions that remains popular amongst many people is that as you age, your eyesight will deteriorate to a very large extent, so much so that you have lost it all. This does not stand true for the most part as many individuals only experience minimal age-related issues that affect their vision. Precautions can be taken from an early age to help your eyes perform well far into the future that are suggested below.  

  • Regular Eye Examinations

To learn about the condition of your eyes, it is better recommended to go for eye examinations regularly. This helps recognize any conditions that you might have developed over the course of a couple of months and treat it as soon as possible. In addition, you can also receive tips that will help the disease, if you have any, from further progressing. The examination will check on your eye muscles, pupils, eyesight and glasses if you have been prescribed any. This will help check the clarity, distance, dilation and focus that your eyes can muster. 

If you have been experiencing any symptoms such as poor dilation, blurry or double vision, pain, redness, swelling or discharge from your eyes, this information must be shared with your ophthalmologist. These symptoms can help your eye doctor diagnose your condition better and begin the best fit treatment for your eyes. This is to ensure that your eyesight remains in its optimum form for a long time. 

  • Family Physician Visits

Visiting your family physician can also help you stay informed and prepared about your family history. Your family doctor will be able to tell you more about the precautions you must take to prevent the early onset of certain diseases that might be more prevalent in your family line. This need not necessarily be those that are related to the eye directly, it can be chronic diseases like diabetes that in turn affect the health of your eyes. 

One such problem can be glaucoma that is the increased pressure in your eye that can lead to a partial or permanent loss of vision. This can be prevented if the information on the condition is present beforehand. You can then bring this to your eye specialist’s attention who can plan any treatments and make recommendations for your better health accordingly. 

  • Keeping Up Your Fitness

A basic step for preparing yourself for any and every disease and medical condition is to take the utmost care of your body by maintaining your fitness level. Exercising your body for the minimum number of hours every week can help your case. As per the World Health Organization’s recommendation, an individual must complete 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity. 

This will ensure that oxygen flows through your blood to every cell in the body in an efficient manner at all times that will further avoid the storage of fats in the body. This will prevent conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes among many others from forming within the body that can increase the amount of inflammation and oxidative stress in your eyes. These diseases will ultimately affect your eyes in adverse ways that can lead to deterioration of their optimal performance. 

In addition to the exertion for fitness purposes, it is also essential to give your body the right nutrition. This can be ensured by consuming the right type of foods that are rich in Vitamin A nutrients that help your eyes maintain their health. These can be found in significant amounts within carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and kale. Also, limit the amount of alcohol you consume as well as your smoking habits if not completely eliminating them. Drinking a lot of water and maintaining the balance of electrolytes in your body is a good tip to adopt.

By following through with the steps mentioned above, you can help take the best action for securing the health of your eyes and keeping them in perfect form for many years to come. Your eyesight will remain well preserved and your aging body will not affect their performance in an unfavorable manner. Visit the ophthalmologists at Spanish Eye Clinic today, to help choose the best option that will keep your vision healthy and well-functioning.  

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