Train Your Brain For More: How This Can Help Improve Your Vision

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Scientists and researchers continue to study the amazing connections between the eye and the brain. The eyes are an extension of the brain, and there are vital connections between brain activity and vision. The eyes are involved in charging and energizing the brain.

It is also important to understand that light affects the brain through the eyes. The light entering from the eye can augment the function of the nervous and vision system.  Natural light acts as a major nutrient and has a profound stimulatory and regulatory effect on all of the body’s vital functions.  

The eyes now serve functions beyond its original capability. The different challenges and obstacles posed on the human eye (artificial light, increased screen time) affect your eyesight and cause refractive errors that need to be corrected with contact lenses and spectacles. 

Eye Exercises

Eye specialists recommend some exercises and brain training to help you restore and improve your eyesight. Eye exercises and brain training mainly work on two factors to improve eyesight and brain. These exercises work on training the muscles in the eye and the various areas of the brain. 

The visual areas of the brain can react to the impulses going from the retina. This aids in improving eyesight and mental health. The eye exercises activate the different parts of the brain and can help restore the normal functioning of the various sectors that have been impaired. 

Brain visual stimulation does not only help with memory, attention, or concentration but also improves executive functions, decision-making, and mental flexibility. Like rigorous physical exercises, brain activities include challenging activities, and special training to visually stimulate the brain. Research suggests that these brain training also helps prevent age-related cognitive decline, as well as reverse behavioral assessment declines in patients with dementia and Alzheimers. 

Different Methods Of Brain Training 

Scientific research into the effects of rhythmic light and visual training commenced in the mid-1930s. Scientists discovered that the electrical rhythms of the brain assumed the rhythm of a flashing light stimulus, and this phenomenon is known as entrainment.

A neuroscientist Gray Waller (1940’s), used a strobe light to create flickering light stimulation; from his observation, he noted that the wave pattern of the whole cortex changed as a result of exposure to a strobe light.

This discovery led to the invention and use of many devices to entrain brain waves. Numerous types of visual stimulatory devices are used in both clinical and commercial settings. 

Flicker Effects And Optical Illusions

The conclusions from the scientific research on flicker effects discovered that optical illusions work the brain to improve visual performance. Both flicker effects and optical illusions show a considerable effect on the visual and nervous systems of humans. The phenomena changed the biological processes in the body, as well as human feelings, thoughts, and intuition. Ophthalmologists and other technicians employ these exercises to help with various eye diseases. 

Wezit videos are a popular option for eye exercises and brain training. It aids the overall health by visually stimulating the brain and the eye. These videos enable you to improve your eyesight, memory, attention, executive functions, decision-making, and mental flexibility. The exercises are performed with the help of a flicker effect, optical illusions, and amazing 3D animated images.

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