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Not needing your glasses or taking off your contacts forever is total freedom for those who suffer from vision problems. The joy of not having to worry about washing your face without taking off your glasses or waking up to clear views is quite underrated, and those with eyesight issues will agree. However, thanks to LASIK eye surgery, even those with very poor eyesight can start to see clearly without the help of contacts or glasses. 

LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure performed to correct refractive vision errors. Typically, the surgery takes less than 30 minutes and is considered a safe procedure with quick healing time. You will be able to return to your daily activities within a day or so after having LASIK surgery. It’s a pretty straightforward procedure and patients usually feel only mild discomfort. However, everyone has a different threshold and experience with pain. Your ophthalmologist will chalk out a post-surgery recovery plan for you to follow in order to enhance healing. 

LASIK surgery involves using a specialized laser to create a small flap in the outer layer of the cornea in order to access and ablate the tissue underneath with a second laser. The process alters the shape of the cornea to correct any refractive errors impacting the patient’s vision. The flap will then reseal itself in a matter of days without the need for stitches or any additional medical intervention.

After your LASIK surgery, it is imperative that care is taken to ensure a smooth recovery. Immediately after your surgery, it is normal to experience bloodshot eyes or red spots on the cornea. While dry eyes or discomfort may continue for the first few weeks, your eyes will adjust in due course of time. It is important to keep in mind that everybody’s body heals differently, resulting in various recovery time frames.  

Correctly following proper post-LASIK eye care tips and scheduling doctor visits regularly are fundamental to a successful recovery. Your eye specialist may suggest a mild pain killer or numbing eye drops to manage the post-surgery ache. Sight improvement may begin to develop within the first week or may take a little longer, depending on the person. We consulted with one of the best eye specialists in Dubai at Spanish Eye Clinic to learn about the best tips to help a patient with speedy recovery post LASIK surgery.

While some of the basic tips include avoiding touching or rubbing your eyes post-surgery, here’s what eye specialists have to say about having a smoother recovery process:

  • Rest

Surgeries of any kind require rest because your body has been through a lot. Even for a short procedure such as LASIK, doctors advise resting your body and more importantly, your eyes to aid in eye rehabilitation, and reduce dry eyes and irritation. So periodically close your eyes to give them relief. Another important tip is to avoid any kind of screen time such as working on laptops, using your phones or watching TV. Even reading of any kind is not recommended as it could strain your eyes further leading to recovery problems. 

  • Sunglasses Are Your Best Friend

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Immediately post LASIK surgery, your eyes are super sensitive. So any kind of exposure to the harmful sun rays or blue light can increase inflammation in your eyes. Post your LASIK surgery, your surgeon will provide you with goggles. These need to be worn at night to avoid the unconscious rubbing of your eyes. While it is best to avoid stepping out during the day if you still have to, ensure you wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from sunlight.

  • Avoid Dusty Areas

While it’s practically impossible to avoid dust, what you can do is safeguard yourself from dusty areas and indulging in any activities that may expose your eyes to unwanted particles in the air. So no messy activities such as gardening, cleaning or going for a walk are recommended during this time. In fact, eye specialists suggest keeping your surroundings absolutely clean, because post LASIK your eyes are sort of like an open wound, and it’s always best to keep the surrounding area clean and safe to avoid any infections.

  • Watch Out For Water

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Even though water seems like such an innocent bystander, it has the ability to introduce unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals in your eyes. Post LASIK, your cornea is extremely sensitive so it needs to be well protected during the healing process. Any sort of disruption could cause potential complications. Your eye surgeon will mention not showering for at least a day post-surgery to avoid having soap or shampoo enter in and around the eyes. Another good tip is to avoid getting into swimming pools, hot tubs, and jacuzzis since these waters are usually infused with chlorine and other harmful chemicals, and will put your eyes at a high risk of infection.

  • Monitor Physical Activity

Eye doctors do not recommend engaging in any kind of strenuous physical activity. During the recovery period, intense physical movements could slow down the healing process and potentially introduce complications. It is best to avoid any kind of contact sports or rough exercising during the first month of post-LASIK. If you do wish to engage in physical activity though, ensure you wear goggles to protect your eyes. As mentioned previously, get plenty of rest to quicken the healing process.

  • Relax Your Eye Muscle

Your eye is a muscle and it needs to be treated like one. Just like with any other surgery, a muscle needs to heal to be able to function properly again. Using the same logic, your eyes need to be rested and not strained, giving them ample time to recover. It is difficult to completely avoid using your eyes but you can take steps to ensure you’re not using them as much. So avoid reading and other eye-straining activities. You also have to ensure you’re using doctor-prescribed eye drops to accelerate the healing process and ensure results.

  • Follow Up With Your Doctor

The day post your surgery, you will be asked to do a follow-up checkup. Your eye doctor will check on how your eyes are healing and your vision progress. Over the next few months, your eye doctor will monitor your progress. This will help you stay aware of how your eye is progressing and if there’s anything you need to take care of in terms of your healing process. Your doctor will also assess if any alterations to the care plan are needed. Follow-up appointments should be continued for at least six months after surgery to ensure that recovery is going as expected.

LASIK surgeries have a high success rate. Your vision should ideally stabilize within a few months after LASIK, and most people who opt for LASIK will experience at least 20/20 vision after the procedure. If, however, you have issues with your vision that only seem to be getting worse, speak to your doctor. Recovery from LASIK is relatively fast. If you follow the aftercare plan laid out by your doctor and surgical team, you will improve your rate of healing and visual success. It is also advised to opt for a highly qualified surgeon to perform LASIK. To learn more about LASIK, get in touch with the experts at Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai.

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