Pediatric Ophthalmology

A Pediatric Ophthalmologist is someone who specializes in treating and managing eye conditions for children. These doctors can diagnose, treat, perform general eye surgeries and prescribe corrective glasses, especially for juvenile patients. Our pediatric ophthalmologists undergo extensive and comprehensive medical training to ensure the highest standard of service.

Common eye problems in children include strabismus, chalazion, amblyopia, and refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia. .Pediatric Ophthalmologists are medically trained to address these issues effectively.

Children, unlike adults, may not always say what is bothering them- especially when it comes to their vision. Similarly, children may not be able to communicate properly with medical questions during assessments. Pediatric ophthalmologists specialize in examining and treating children using pieces of eye equipment specifically designed for children. This ensures the right diagnosis is given and proper treatment and mitigation are carried out .

Symptoms That Can indicate Eye Problems In Your Child Include:

  • – Crossed-eyes or eyes that wander all the time
  • – Pus or crust in and around the eyes
  • – Constant rubbing of the eyes
  • – Sensitivity to light and bright places
  • – Drooping eyelids or bulging eyes
  • – White or yellow cloudy matter inside the pupil
  • – Frequent squinting
  • – Constant tilting of the head
  • – Persistent redness

For parents who are concerned about their children’s eyesight, pediatric ophthalmologists are the best specialists to go to. They can offer the best treatment possible for the child. Pediatric Ophthalmologists urge parents to have their children’s vision and optic health assessed before the age of 5.

Spanish Eye Clinic offers comprehensive treatment for a wide range of eye and vision problems for your children. Our facilities are child-friendly and provide a safe and comfortable experience for your little kids. Book an appointment today with us at Spanish Eye Clinic. Our team of pediatric ophthalmologists is more than happy to help your child receive the right treatment, depending on their eye condition. We offer excellent services, a safe environment, and highly skilled doctors.


Pediatric Ophthalmology


  • The specialists at Spanish Eye Center were very accommodating to my son. The Doctor was patient and professional. I highly recommend their service to parents who are concerned with their kid’s eyesight.

    Dominique Peralta
  • The Pediatric Ophthalmologist who took care of my child was very detailed in explaining her condition. We were given the best advice and preventive treatment for my child. Thank you, Spanish Eye Clinic.

    Hashim Al Sidiqque
  • I noticed that my daughter was always squinting her eyes and finding it difficult to recognize objects from a distance. I immediately sought advice from Spanish Eye Clinic. They were very accommodating and professional. I hope for the clinic’s continued success.

    Emily Evans


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    A Pediatric Ophthalmologist is someone who specializes in treating and managing eye conditions for children. These doctors can diagnose, treat, perform general eye surgeries and...
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