Keratoconus is an eye disease which results in thinning of the cornea. It is characterized by the thinning and bulging of the round shaped cornea to a cone-like shape. Keratoconus may also result in nearsightedness, blurry vision, astigmatism and etc. It mostly affects both eyes and usually occurs in teenagers or millennials.

The cause of Keratoconus is still unknown, but some new researches suggest that it occurs due to various genetic, hormonal and environmental factors. Keratoconus mostly affects more than one member of a family but only 7% of affected have a family history of this disease. It is also associated with overexposure of ultraviolet rays as well as eye rubbing, allergies or chronic eye irritations and other proposed environmental factors.

It can be difficult to identify this disease as it develops slowly. People with keratoconus might experience a minor blurring of the vision but at the early stages, the symptoms of it are mostly no different from other refractive defects of the eye. As the disease progresses, signs become more clear. People experience visual acuity, poor night vision, eye strain, itching, but the most significant symptom is the monocular polyopia. A person with keratoconus experiences the perception of “ghost” like images, instead of seeing one point they see many images of the point in chaotic patterns.

Sunglasses and lenses might be helpful during early stages but as the disease progresses intensive treatment or even surgery might be needed. There are several surgeries that are performed in order to treat keratoconus. In order to find the best treatment for your individual case, you will need a professional to help you. Spanish Eye Clinic is a reliable and experienced eye clinic in Dubai which offers high-quality services, modern and advanced technologies and safe environment. We have a team of the best ophthalmologists in Dubai who will find an optimal solution to your eye condition and ensure you get the desired result.




    • The staff and environment are very friendly. I'd recommend Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai to anyone facing keratoconus! I've had both eyes treated and now I can see a positive difference in my vision.

      Ruslan B.
    • I can’t begin to explain how very pleased I am with the results of my surgery procedure for keratoconus. After having worn hard contacts for years, it’s a real joy to wear soft contacts. I appreciate the care I have received from Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai. Thanks for the help.

      Sahara M.
    • Thank you for everything, Spanish Eye Clinic! It is simply incredible that after suffering so much from keratoconus, I can now see 20/30 with no correction! You’re absolutely the best!

      Andrew E.


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