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Diabetes Complications
June 27, 2018
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Glaucoma is a condition which causes damage to eye’s optic nerve. This damage is often linked to the increase of pressure and increased pressure places a strain on an optic nerve. Optic nerve has an important mission, it transmits images to our brain. Increased pressure can damage it and if the damage continues glaucoma can lead to a permanent vision loss. You can get glaucoma genetically and its symptoms might not show for a long period of time. If a person has this disease and doesn’t treat it for a few years, glaucoma will cause a permanent blindness. However, it is possible and actually quite simple to treat this eye condition if you manage to identify it at an early stage. Early detection can prevent sight loss and other results that glaucoma can cause.

As already mentioned glaucoma is the result of high fluid pressure inside an eye. This happens because of the blockage in the channel which should let the liquid in the front part of the eye circulate. Blockage of this channel causes the liquid to build up and causes glaucoma. But the reason of this blockage is unknown. Chemical injuries, eye infections, inflammatory conditions are less common causes of glaucoma. Most of the people don’t experience any symptoms of glaucoma. People who are over 40 and have a family history of glaucoma, or have diabetes are more likely to get this disease. These are the main reasons why you should visit an eye doctor regularly.

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