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If you are looking for vision treatment where you no longer need glasses or contact lenses, Lasik treatment is the solution.


Lasik treatment is quick and painless and will improve your vision greatly so that you don't have to rely on glasses or contact lenses. Refractive surgery is a term that incorporates different types of surgeries to correct vision which includes Lasik. Refractive surgeries typically correct mild vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In addition, it can also be used to repair cataract and treat severe vision problems.

Lasik surgery uses surgical tools and lasers to reshape the cornea. This changes how the light enters the retina and allows your eye to focus better on objects. The procedure is short and doesn't take more than 10 minutes per eye. 

If you want to determine whether Lasik treatment will work for you, you must visit for a consultation with our team of expert eye surgeons. Depending on your age, corneal thickness, medical history, lens prescription and overall eye health, we will determine if you make a good candidate for the procedure. Lasik surgery is long lasting and ensures optimal results for people with poor vision and refractive errors.

Key Facts on Lasik

- You are awake during the procedure

- It is painless and causes minimal discomfort

- Drops will be used to numb your eyes

- Both eyes can be treated during the same visit

- Lasik eye surgery is an out-patient procedure, you can walk in and walk out

We at Spanish Eye Center bring the newest and unmatched laser vision technology. Our patients will receive a comprehensive eye exam and we are able to offer you many choices and optimal results. We strive to maintain and offer the newest Lasik procedures for our patients. And we create a personalized experience combined with comfort and convenience. Visit us for a consultation today. 


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  • I'm glad that I had my Femto LASIK surgery at Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai. I have started to enjoy my improved vision. The surgery was painless and the instructions given to me during the surgery are perfect.

    Sankara E.
  • When the eye specialists informed me that it’ll be difficult to correct my vision full as my flat cornea had high numbers, I was frustrated. I thought I won’t be lens free… until Spanish Eye Clinic has recommended FEMTO LASIK. The result is really magic for me.

    Richard T.
  • Many thanks to the eye specialists of Spanish Eye Clinic in Dubai. Everyone was accommodative which made the entire surgery a hassle-free one. The doctors cleared all my fears related to the LASIK treatment with their smooth and painless surgery.

    Aparna K.


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