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Post-operative Care After Lasik Treatment
July 10, 2018
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LASIK Eye Surgery Vs Contact Lenses Dubai

You may believe that wearing contact lenses is convenient, and to a great extent you are right, although there is the part where you have to constantly fiddle with them to put it into your eyes. Then there is the mild irritation you may experience, dry eyes and oftentimes an infection gets in the way because you forgot to change the solution. And the biggest disadvantage is of course the cost. Using contact lenses can be costly. Disposable lenses and frequent change of solution will end up being costlier than having high quality Lasik treatment.

When you think of making a sensible investment, it is likely that laser eye surgery comes somewhere on top. But, what makes it the better choice is that it is a one time investment. And you get to keep your clear vision forever. It is similar to making significant long term investments like buying a house or a car.

Some people think that high quality means that it is not affordable. This is not always the case. While most people are afraid of laser eye surgery, others worry about the costs involved. The pop up clinics may offer budget prices but this is not a safe option for someone considering long term, e high-quality training. Rather than getting enticed by deals and discounts, it makes sense to pay close attention to high quality Lasik treatment in Dubai.

It is good to remember that the eye surgeons at a high quality clinic are often more skilled and dedicated to patients in pre and post surgery. The goal is to provide clearer vision and the primary purpose is to achieve corrected vision that is long-lasting.

The idea that Lasik treatment is not affordable is another myth that needs busting. Just like people believe that it is scary and painful only to find that it is one of the most painless procedures out there. The costs are in fact more manageable than you are led to believe and certainly more economical than glasses and contact lenses.


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