Identify Keratoconus At The Earliest And Get It Treated

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July 10, 2019
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Our eyes experience a lot of issues as we age, and some are taken into consideration whereas some are not. Some of these eye problems happen when you don’t take good care of your eyes. 

Eyes tend to get weak when you don’t feed it well with enough essential nutrients. We perceive the world with our eyes and we are able to see everything clearly because of the cornea that’s placed the right way. But what happens when the cornea starts bulging outwards distorting our vision? This is why doctors always ask us to take care of your eyes just like your general and oral health. But diseases like keratoconus occurs during a person’s early age, especially during the teens or their 20s. Let us go through a brief study about this disease:

Keratoconus Disease

This is termed as an eye disease that happens when your cornea is bulged outwards into the shape of a cone. And this disease occurs when the tissue of the cornea is weakened because the enzymes within the cornea are imbalanced. People experience distorted vision due to keratoconus as the light’s direction that enters the retina is changed by the bulged cornea. Our specialists state that this disease can either occur in one or both eyes. 

What Causes This Eye Disease?

As mentioned earlier, because of the imbalance of these enzymes, it tends to make the cornea more prone to oxidative damage which are caused by compounds known as free radicals. This is what makes the person’s cornea bulge in the shape of a cone and thus weakens it. Because of this, there are high chances of more than one member of the family getting this disease. Young teens tend to rub their eyes a lot can cause keratoconus. People who are exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays also falls under the category of getting this disease. 

Signs And Symptoms

It is suggested that you should make sure to take a precaution if you notice any slight sign of this disease. Try avoiding rubbing your eyes as much as possible because your cornea will get affected and start bulging. The more it starts getting out of shape, the more you’re prone to other eye issues. You will start experiencing issues like nearsightedness or myopia and astigmatism at times. You will also feel uncomfortable while looking at bright lights, as your retina becomes light sensitive. 


If you’re in the initial stages of this disease which is just a mild case, then our eye specialist may suggest you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses to correct your vision. But if your vision has been distorted in such a way that cannot be fixed with the help of soft contact lenses, then you may have to go ahead with an eye treatment. 

This will only get worse if you don’t get it treated right away. If you experience keratoconus even in the initial stages, make sure that you consult our eye specialist at the earliest to get it treated. 

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