Eye Allergies: What Are The Symptoms And Causes?

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Our eyes often encounter a lot of problems if they are neglected or not taken care of right from the root of the cause. It is always the right decision to consult a doctor if you feel that your eye is experiencing any allergy that has worsened or hasn’t gotten better within days. 

One of the common mistakes people often do is, they end up neglecting the eye allergy pushing it aside as something common and benign. Our eyes feel irritated even when there is a slight disturbance in them. And when this happens, we end up rubbing our eyes to get it out. But even after washing it off, your eyes remain red then this could be a sign of eye allergies. These are usually accompanied by symptoms like sneezing or stuffy nose. The eye specialist at our eye clinic can determine whether an eye allergy is the source of your symptoms. If it is, make sure you get them treated right away.

What Are The Symptoms?
There are a lot of symptoms which are common when one faces eye allergies. Some of them are:

  • Eye Discharge:  This common symptom of eye allergy occurs whenever there is excess fluid in the eye. Eye discharge may be clear and watery similar to tears, or in the case of infections, it may be thick and opaque. There are many causes of eye discharge, which usually ranges from infections to allergic reactions to an eye injury. Irritation of the eyes is a frequent cause of watery eye discharge. These allergic reactions can cause itchy, watery eyes. 
  • Itchy Eyes: You will have a sense of irritation in your eyes as though there is something inside them. Although this may cause to you start rubbing your eyes, prevent yourself from doing so.
  • Redness: Your eyes will tend to look bloodshot when you have eye allergies. 
  • Burning/ Watery Eyes: Your eyes will also feel like they’re burning due to the allergy, and hence excess burning will cause them to turn watery. 
  • Blurred Vision: Because of the eye discharge caused by these eye allergies, your eyes will seem to find a hard time in having a clear vision. 

What Are The Causes?
Because of the dust and pollution in the environment today, people get easily infected with eye allergies. Although few people cover their mouth and nose while stepping out due to the pollution, eyes are open to these dust particles which enter our eyes and get clogged leading to eye allergies. Normally harmless substances that cause problems for individuals who are predisposed to allergic reactions are called allergens. Some of the most common airborne allergens that cause eye allergies are pollen, mould, dust and pet dander. 

But these are not it. There are also other causes which can lead to eye allergies. These eye allergies can also be caused by reactions to certain cosmetics or eye drops, including artificial tears that are used for treating dry eyes. Although there are other causes like food allergies and allergic reactions insect bites, these typically do not affect the eyes as severely as airborne allergens do. 

It is particularly important to keep your eyes away from both airborne and contact allergens. Also, make sure that you don’t rub your eyes, as this can trigger an allergy.  Consult our eye specialist at the earliest if you experience any eye allergy.

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