Dry Eye Syndrome: Get It Treated At Our Eye Clinic

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Dry Eye Syndrome

Have you ever wondered why our eyes tear up from time to time? Tears are a clear liquid secreted by the lacrimal glands that lubricate the eyes and keep irritant particles from harming the cornea. But what if your eyes are unable to produce any tears at all? This eye condition is known as dry eye syndrome and requires expert treatment from our eye specialists to get cured.

If you have dry eye syndrome, you’ll face discomfort due to the inability of your eyes to eliminate the dust particles that are caught inside them.  And if not addressed on time, you will soon have a burning sensation, redness and stinging pain in your eye. Our eye specialists claim that if you have this condition, it is best to steer clear from straining your eyes way too much like reading a book with small-sized words, or gazing into the computer screen for a long time and even spending long hours in an extremely dry environment. These will further aggravate your eyes and may also weaken your vision. In this blog, we shall learn more about what dry eye syndrome is all about:


Some of the common symptoms of dry eye syndrome as mentioned earlier are pain and redness in your eyes which will cause a burning sensation. You will also gradually feel your eyes getting tired quicker than they used to and will also face difficulty in reading or working on a computer for a long time. You will also face blurry vision over time.


Our tears consist of different layers- the lipids or oil layer, the watery layer, and the mucus layer. If the glands producing your tears are inflamed or fail to produce enough water, oil, or mucus, it can lead to dry eye syndrome. When your tears lack oil, they evaporate rapidly and your eyes are unable to keep a constant supply of moisture.


It is necessary to get your eyes diagnosed at the earliest right when you start experiencing any of the above-said symptoms. Consult with an eye specialist at our eye clinic to diagnose and get the right treatment for your eyes. The treatment basically depends upon how bad the condition of your eyes is. Our eye specialists will also ask you to maintain a healthy diet consisting of nutrients that will help in restoring the moisture in your eyes, keeping them healthy. Prescription medicines can also help reduce pain and decrease the condition. 

In order to avoid being affected with a dry eye syndrome, make sure that you limit your activities that may strain your eyes too much like being in a dry atmosphere. If you’re facing any irritation with your eyes or feel that your vision is getting affected, visit our eye clinic in Dubai to get them checked. 


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