Crystal Clear: Debunking Myths About LASIK Eye Surgery

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LASIK eye surgery

With the invention of LASIK eye surgery which is one of the most effective refractive eye surgeries of all time, people have become confident about regaining their vision in a matter of minutes. Our eye specialists claim that people who have undergone this surgery are extremely happy with the results, giving them the ability to see more clearly. However, there are still a lot of people who believe that getting LASIK eye surgery can be dangerous for your eyes and shows side effects years down the lane. In this blog, we are going to list down a few myths and the truth behind each one of them.

Myth: LASIK complications can blind you

Truth: Our eye specialists have claimed that there hasn’t been a single case of blindness faced by anyone who has undergone LASIK eye surgery and from its’ complications. This is obviously a myth because the danger of one going completely blind due to LASIK surgery complication is almost comparable to one going blind from wearing contact lenses. 

Myth: The more procedures a LASIK surgeon has conducted, the greater the opportunity of favorable results

Truth: It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the LASIK surgery done by the surgeon. Each job consists of a learning curve and, as soon as the LASIK surgeon passes that phase which is typically between 150 and 300 surgeries, the quality of the surgery becomes more impressive and important than the number of surgeries performed. If you are looking for a successful LASIK surgeon, make sure you concentrate on their favorable results and quality care. 

Myth: LASIK eye surgery is for everybody

Truth: While many wish to have LASIK eye surgery conducted, a proportion of individuals are not excellent candidates for this surgery. In reality, approximately 30 percent of prospective patients assessed by an ophthalmologist are regularly dismissed as applicants for surgery. There are explanatory variables that can disqualify an individual for  LASIK eye surgery. So if you’re a candidate, the best way to learn is to take a LASIK test. The surgeon will conduct extensive eye examinations during this appointment to determine if LASIK eye surgery is an alternative for you. 

Myth: LASIK eye surgery is painful

Truth: LASIK is today’s most common elective procedure, mainly due to the surgery’s own ease. Eye drops are used during LASIK, which takes only about 15 minutes for both eyes, to numb the eyes and keep them comfortable. You’ll feel a little bit of pressure, but there won’t be any pain felt within your eye. You may be given a mild sedative by your surgeon if you feel nervous before your operation so that you can stay calm and relaxed.  

These are some of the myths that people still continue to believe in and why they refuse to get their eyes treated. If you’re facing vision troubles that need to be treated, get your eyes examined and see if you’re eligible for LASIK eye surgery


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