مايو 15, 2019

4 علاج فعال لجراحة الليزر للزرق

Laser surgeries have turned out to be essential in the treatment of various eye issues and ailments. There are a few sorts of laser surgical procedure […]
مايو 15, 2019

هل الجراحات البيضاء في دبي تؤذي؟

A cataract is the blurring of the natural lens in the eye which helps us focus and clearly see the things around us. Cataract is a […]
مايو 15, 2019

حكة وأحمر العينين – كيفية التعرف على الحساسية العين؟

Eye allergic reactions are a common defence mechanism by your body when a foreign body comes in contact with your eye. The resulting response like red […]
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