Age-related Eye Diseases: Treat Your Cataracts

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Losing the clarity of your vision over the years can be very depressing, and it’ll engage your thoughts about the vision you used to have when you were young. One such age-related eye disease is the cataract disease that affects your vision over time.

Cataracts are the type of eye disease that happens to people usually after the age of 40. This is when the lens of your eye becomes clouded. It is also termed as one of the principal causes of blindness during old age. But who said that you have to live with cataracts forever? Nowadays every disease has a treatment and so does this eye disease. Our eye specialists have teamed up in delivering the best results with the help of a cataract surgery that will make your eyes feel young again. But first, let’s go through some of the main causes of cataracts. 

How Are Cataracts Caused?

Although there are common misconceptions about cataracts that this can only be caused because of the whole age factor, it can also be caused by an injury to your eye. Our eyes consist of proteins, which tend to clump together as we age leading to the clouding of the lens. This is otherwise known as cataracts which will grow larger and cause more cloudiness, making it harder for you to see. This can also be caused by other factors, where not eating healthy can also lead to vision loss and clouding of the eye. 


In order to reduce the risk of cataracts, you can rely on the intake of nutrients and other nutritional supplements. It also depends upon the food you consume, because the more nutritional elements you add to your everyday diet, the better its benefit for your eyes. Consuming vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids also help in decreasing one’s risk of cataracts. If you’re a sun lover, then make sure that you protect your eyes as much as you protect your skin from harmful UV rays as they increase your chances of getting cataracts. You can step out wearing sunglasses that shield your eyes from these UV rays. 


Although some of the minor symptoms can be treated with the use of glasses, appropriate lighting in order to improve your vision, some of the symptoms cannot be neglected and have to be treated. Cataracts will progress over the years and it’ll make it more difficult for you to carry out the daily activities and chores. Consider a cataract surgery if the cataracts are preventing you from doing what you love and affecting your daily life. People mainly refrain from proceeding with cataract surgery because they’re worried about the pain during the surgery or the danger after the surgery. But you don’t have to worry about these concerns, as cataract surgery is simple and painless that helps in regaining your vision in an effective manner. 

Are cataracts coming in between reading your favourite book as you age? Consult our eye specialist to opt for a cataract surgery

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