7 Surprising Facts to Know About Cataract Surgery

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Cataract is an eye condition common characterized by cloudy vision or impaired vision during night time. This condition occurs when protein clumps up in the eye, reducing the amount of light reaching the retina. This can be caused by age, genetic makeup, or medical conditions.

Though cataract is a relatively common eye condition, there are a lot of misconceptions about the condition. Here are some facts about this condition that may surprise you:

Cataract Can Affect Young People
In as much as the condition is most common among elderly people, individuals of all ages can develop this condition. This common misconception discourages many young people from seeking medical help when they should.

Cataract Is Not a Minor Eye Problem
It may seem like cataract is not a serious medical condition because it is common. However, this condition is the number one cause of vision loss among individuals who are 40 years and above. Cataract is also the leading cause of blindness the world over. And as to being a common condition, there are more cases of cataract than there is glaucoma worldwide.

Exposure to the Sun Increases Risk of Developing Cataract
Like I stated I earlier, clump up of protein in the eye causes cataract formation. Too much exposure to the sunlight (ultra-violet rays) isn’t only harmful to the skin, it can also lead to quick break down of protein in the eye lens, hence, increasing the risk of cataract. So, if you enjoy tanning or find yourself being exposed to UV rays most of the time, endeavor to wear sunglasses and a hat.

There Is Usually No Symptom During the Development Stage
This is one of the reasons why the condition is very common. Most patients do not experience any symptoms or signs that they may be developing an eye condition until the condition has reached the maturity stage. The development stage is often painless until the patient starts to witness severe vision loss or sensitivity to light. To be on a safer side, always go for a checkup with an eye specialist.

Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Reduce the Risk
In addition to avoiding constant exposure to UV rays or wearing glasses and hats when working under the sun, eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding harmful lifestyles such as cigarette smoking can help to minimize the risk of cataract formation.

Cataract Operation Isn’t Painful
Although you may witness a mild sensation of pressure during the procedure, modern cataract surgery is not painful at all. In addition, local anesthesia may be used to numb the eye prior to the procedure.

You Can Resume Driving and Regular Routine Almost Immediately
While it is advisable to avoid driving long distances in the first seven days, you can resume driving within 48 hours after the procedure. We also recommend that our patients wear sunglasses to reduce the eye’s sensitivity to sunlight.

For eye checkup or cataract treatment, you can schedule an appointment with one of our eye specialists at our Dubai clinic.

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